Our impact

Our aim is to improve mental health and reduce loneliness and isolation through horticulture, and work with a range of individuals including asylum seekers, people who are recovering from substance misuse, long-term unemployed and people with mental health challenges.

Research has shown the benefits of horticulture: better physical health through exercise and mobility; better mental health through sense of purpose; opportunity to connect with others; reduced feelings of isolation/exclusion; learn new skills improving employment prospects.


In 2019, 27 adults and 6 children attended volunteer opportunities at the garden with 59% adults coming for multiple sessions and 37% coming regularly for over 4 months.

We also engaged with over 15 other individuals who visited the garden to exchange knowledge or work together for example volunteer coordinators, youth projects, academics, other community groups in Cardiff. We held 8 tours of the garden with groups of the general public, held on our annual open-day and throughout the year organised by Cardiff City Council, this has given over 160 people an insight into the garden and our work.

In 2019 we sold salad to 20 restaurants and caterers (15 as regular weekly orders in the summer) and 11 individuals buying weekly amounts. Approx. 25 kg of salad was donated to volunteers at the end of sessions at the garden.


In 2020 we delivered to a mixture of restaurants and homes, at our peak we made over 150 deliveries a week to households in Cardiff. We’ve had 5 volunteer delivery cyclists, they cycled over 800 miles to deliver salad during the year.

We held zoom meet ups for our volunteers with groups of 6-8 people regularly attending. 10 volunteers were involved in Cardiff Salad Garden growing on site and at home.

We grew pumpkins, courgettes, peas beans, chard, lettuces and herb and salad plants and gave out over 4000 plants to over 150 additional households in Cardiff.