We welcome volunteers at Cardiff Salad Garden. It is a great place to meet people, join in with growing activities such as planting, picking, weeding and watering salad.

Volunteering offers you the chance to get involved in a small group setting with friendly people who can help you build your confidence, make friends, practice language skills and provide a calm setting to just have some time away from the stresses of everyday life.

Sessions led by Sophie or Noa are welcoming, inclusive, fun and usually involve lots of cake and biscuits – once a week we have a shared lunch in the park – weather permitting!

Until lifting of coronavirus restrictions our face to face meetings are limited depending on social distancing and lockdown conditions. Please email Sophie at cardiffsalad@gmail.com to let her know you would like to volunteer and she will get back to you with more information on what is currently on offer. You will be welcome to join in our growing at home schemes during the year as well.

We often need volunteer cyclists to assist with salad delivery, if you are interested in this please get in contact.

We also teamed up with South Riverside Community Development Centre to join in their Veg give-aways and ran zoom sessions on how to grow a range of salad and vegetables. Socially distanced monthly give-aways provided over
70 households
per month
with seasonal veg plugs and flowers, pots and soil for their gardens.